Chasing a Dream

Chasing a Dream
John and I with our LP finishers medals

Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 8-rolling along

workout: scheduled for an easy 6 mile run BUT... had to take Lizzie to the doctor after school because she can't shake this bad cold. so didn't get home until almost 6pm, did dinner, cleaned kitchen, graded papers and here I am at 9pm. Time to go to bed for early morning swim practice. Tomorrow was scheduled rest day, so will do it tomorrow. But, of course it was sunny and beautiful outside today and tomorrow snow storm is coming in. I told Lizzie she was worth it though :)

Bf: the usual steel cut oatmeal with addings

morning snack: almonds, dried apricots

lunch: big salad, blue corn chips

afternoon snack: apple/Larabar

dinner: gluten free pasta (small portion) grilled zuccini/yellow squash and spaghetti sauce

after dinner: Teavana tea/small portion of the energy bars I made Saturday (tasty)

This morning before swimming practice I ordered from Amazon 'The Thrive Diet', 'Thrive Fitness', and The Conscious Cook by Tal Ronnan about Vegan cooking. I feel like I wouldn't want cookbook type books on my Kindle so ordered the 'real' books.

I also got a big food processor when picking up Lizzie's prescription today (she has a sinus infection/ear infection). I have a small food processor, but this one can shred, and hold a lot more for chopping. I made Jicama Slaw with it tonight. I only had a small taste because I didn't get it done until after dinner. It seems pretty tasty.

I have been sleeping really well, and feeling like I am waking up with quite a bit of energy.

I haven't talked about weight yet. I have been waiting until one week was officially up. As of this morning I have lost 5+ pounds in the past week. I weigh myself every morning and it has been slow and steady loss. I am sure this week will not be as much, but am hoping for 2-3 for the next two weeks of the cleanse. That will take me under a big hump that I have not been under since before Matt was born in 1991.

So, I am feeling like I am on a roll... and now I am off to bed for another early morning swim practice tomorrow.

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Lizzie said...

Thanks for taking me to the doctor. I really appreciate it :)