Chasing a Dream

Chasing a Dream
John and I with our LP finishers medals

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 12 and 13-getting through some tough nutrition obstacles

I have gotten behind a few days because of being at swimming sectionals the last two evenings. The title of this post comes from some of the obstacles that I overcame in the last two days, and the hope and promise that these provided to me that maybe I have FINALLY gotten close to the point where I am going to make good nutrition decisions for myself beyond the 21 days and on into the rest of my hopefully long, healthy life.

On Friday, we had inservice day at school and were served contintental breakfast of muffins/bagels/etc...I had already had my steel cut oats for breakfast and so had no problem staying away. In the past I would have definitely had some.

For lunch, we were served pizza, salad, chocolate chip cookies and brownies. I had planned ahead and brought my own salad and vegetable soup. The thing that really struck me is that I did not miss the pizza at all. I feel like many of my cravings are really totally under control. I enjoyed my salad.

Friday evening we had boys' swimming sectionals. The bus left at 4:30 and we didn't get back until 11pm. The have a hospitality room for the coaches where they had taco salad, meatball subs, just to name a few things. I knew there would be nothing in there that I would want to eat and so I brought almonds and a bowl of quinoa w/ sundried tomatoes. I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt very satisfied and not hungry at all.

This all starts over again on Saturday. My niece's birthday party was at 11:30. I did my long run for the week (only 9 miles because this is a recovery week) and had a gluten-free English muffin with almond butter for recovery after the run. I brought some roasted vegetables in case I was hungry at the party, but didn't even bring it in to the house because I didn't feel very hungry. They had pizza and salad for their meal. I had some salad with craisins and balsamic vinegraitte and noone even noticed that I was not eating the pizza. I declined on the cake and ice cream later in the party and made it through that obstacle.

Repeat of the evening when we had Girls sectionals. (still waiting to see if Lizzie made it to districts after finishing 7th at our sectional)

I had a good meal of quinoa and roasted vegetables at 3pm, and then was satified with some dried fruit and almonds during the evening.

I have always wanted to be the person that could stay away from the foods that the 'shouldn't' have, but always seemed to be the one that always ate what was offered. I feel like I have finally gotten some of these cravings totally under control.

In all the above situations, there was not 'self-talk' to stay away from the junk food. I just didn't want it. I had a plan to get through. I didn't let myself get too hungry. And I really think staying away from the sugar helps with the sugar cravings.

I am almost done with two weeks. I have definitely made the decision to stay Vegan for an extended trial. I am reading through the Thrive Diet and trying to incorporate some of the ideas in there, slowly. I have also gotten The China Study book on my kindle and will be reading that over the next few weeks.

my goal: a LONG, HEALTHY life To be able to compete faster would be nice too :)


Anonymous said...

Barb, I've enjoyed reading your blog & am glad to see how well you're doing and feeling on this plan! Are you finding that you have enough fuel and energy to get through your long runs? We typically follow the Body For Life plan (have since 2005) which includes lean meats, and it's amazing how much of a difference it makes with weight control when you cut out the white rice, pastas, bread, simple sugars etc. along with other small changes in how food is prepared & eating 6 times a day vs. 3. I'd be interested in trying your plan but I do not think I could give up meat (esp. seafood and chicken) 100%. Although if I felt better & perform better, anything is possible! Great job, keep up the good work!

Amy said...

Hie Barb! Glad I finally am able to get into your blog (Google always wants to take me to my old blog).

Great post and I am so glad your 21 days is going well. It sounds like you are really beating those sugar cravings and have found a lifestyle that works for you. That really is the key don't you think? Finding something that works. I'm like Luvsqrls, and could not eliminate meat, but cutting out grains has been easy, as well as refined sugar.

I'm happy to see that you are finding a way to fuel your body for those long runs and busy schedule. You are going to kick butt at Boston!

Barb said...

I have not found that getting enough fuel has been a problem at all. Today on the bike I did have my usual bottle of Accelerade. And on my planned 16 miler next weekend I will have accelerade and probably some gels of some kind.

I have been very surprised to not miss the meat AT ALL. I am reading The China Study which sites A LOT of research showing links to animal products and many diseases.
It is just something that we all need to find something that works for us. Up until this point I have floundered around trying to find something I could live with that just really felt right. In my short 2 week trial, I think this might be the beginnings of the answer