Chasing a Dream

Chasing a Dream
John and I with our LP finishers medals

Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 5-The cravings are leaving !

workout: 55 minutes on the bike with the hard set being 5 by 4 minutes @ 100-105% of LT tough, tough, tough but felt great on the bike. I cannot wait to get outside this March/April I have worked really hard on the bike this winter and hoping it will show. love my bike.


BF: protein shake-non sweetened soy milk/ blueberries/ banana/ protein powder

morning snack: almonds/ a few dried apricots

lunch: Big salad and 1 cup of 'fire roasted vegetable soup' from Heinens

afternoon: apple/ Larabar

dinner: Tomato Panzanella which I totally enjoyed. Tomato/artichoke heart/olives/arugula/broiled gluten free bread/ with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing. trying to insert link below-

This fresh365 online seems to have some nice recipes.

Easily made it past the donuts today. There really seem to be very little cravings today. I was NOT hungry today. My calorie intake has got to be well below where I usually am, and I was not feeling deprived at all.

My family had their traditional homemade pizza tonight and when I took it out of the oven and cut it up, I definitely felt like it would be good to have.

But it really was not a big thing to make and eat my tomato salad and I thoroughly enjoyed that. I will enjoy a bit of Teavan tea tonight.

We have quite a bit of snow coming in tonight. I have a 14 miler in my Boston training on tap for early morning tomorrow. I was hoping to get outside for it. But they are also predicting heavy winds. So my plans have changed to treadmill date. I am going to watch the movie 'Hangover' which I hear is hilarious and at time innapropriate. Sounds good.


Barb said...

obviously my link didn't come up,hmmm.

Elizabeth said...

If you want gluten free pizza dough let me know and I'll give you the information. We eat pizza at least once a week.

Michelle said...

Barb, according to the Thrive dude, when you are eating super nutrient dense food, you don't need as much of it. You are good! Which sort of makes sense - if all you ate was .... white rice .... even a lot of it, your body would be craving the nutrients it would be missing. I don't know if that's a crazy oversimplification, but it sounds pretty good to me. :)