Chasing a Dream

Chasing a Dream
John and I with our LP finishers medals

Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 1- February 1st

workout: 5 miles on the treadmill 4:40-5:30am

breakfast--steel cut oatmeal/blueberries/slivered almonds/stevia/low sodium V8/green tea

morning snack--almonds

lunch--BIG salad including beets, chickpeas, tomatoes, red pepper, arugula, olives AND about a cup of pumkin soup (more on that later)

afternoon snack--apple/nut thin 'crackers'

SWIM MEET this evening-Larabar on the way home

dinner--veggie burger and leftover roasted beets/potatoes/parsnips

I feel like I had enough food as the day progressed. It seems the hardest thing is to do is not just grab the snacks I usually do. I have licorice in my car and at school that I randomly grab as the day goes on. When I get home from school I am usually famished and grab all kinds of random crackers, cookies, whatever is around.

More on the pumpkin soup: I don't know what I was thinking when I made my plan for eating. The pumpkin soup is vegetarian, but as I was thinking about it this evening I looked at the label and of course it contains cream. So no more pumkin soup, I will have to look again for a vegan soup I can have.

I really didn't miss the coffee too much this morning. I made some green tea and had that on the way to work, so that the ritual of drinking warm liquid on the way to work was continued.

I made all my salads for the week on Sunday and so it is nice to just grab them as I pack my bag for the next day.

I have a hard bike workout tomorrow, so I will be interested to see how that goes. Off to do some reading, and sleeping!

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