Chasing a Dream

Chasing a Dream
John and I with our LP finishers medals

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The beginning of Half Iron Man training...

Training for a marathon seems 'easy' compared to fitting in all the workouts I feel like I need for HIM training.

The plan is three runs (moderate, tempo and long) and three bikes (moderate, tempo and long), three weight sessions because I miss the lifting and I think it really helps the swimming, biking and running to gain some strength.  And three Abs sessions which are 15 minutes long.

Of course the swimming is missing.  We have trouble finding a place we can easily get in pool time.  I am working on find a place and hopefully we can get in one to two pool sessions per week starting very soon.

Sun:  Weights (Chalean Extreme)/ 1:40 on the bike with John 28 miles/ Abs
Mon:  40 minute run after school
Tues:  50 minute interval workout on the bike before school
Wed:  Weights before school /  Planned on 2 hour bike ride but had 4 hours of papers to grade :(
Thurs:  40 minutes Temp run before school
Fri:  Planned on 45 minutes lifting, put it off until after school and then did NOT do it :(  / Abs
Sat:  2 hour bike with Matt to Megan's softball tournament 33 miles

Did the bike ride yesterday rather than my long run which I will do today (sunday).  It will be 1:15 or about 8 miles.  I am also planning on a weight session today.

Next week looks about the same except the times are a little bit longer for each session.

So in general:
Sun: long bike/weights/abs
M: moderate run
T: tempo bike/abs
W: weights before school/ moderate bike after school
Th: tempo run /abs
F: weights
Sat: long run

Of course life ends up interferring with workouts here and there.  I try to keep that to a minimum, but also know that I need sleep and cannot sacrifice it too many times without feeling totally burnt out.

Once I am done with school, which is not for six more weeks, it is so much easier to get all the workouts in.

Have fun out there!!


Aimee said...

I'm right with you on the HIM training! I think for me, the biggest thing is being o.k. if I miss a workout. Life happens and we just have to go with the flow. :)

Good luck with your training!

Stacey Lang said...

It makes sense that with such an outlay of time and energy that training should be as effective and as efficient as possible. And with a sport like this, it requires some careful, upfront planning.

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