Chasing a Dream

Chasing a Dream
John and I with our LP finishers medals

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lake Placid Ironman 2012 Race Report

We got to Lake Placid early Thursday afternoon.  Picked up our packets.  Let me say for the first of many times...THE VOLUNTEERS ARE AMAZING!  When picking up our packet, the woman ahead of me started tearing up because it was her first Ironman and she was nervous.  The volunteer handing out packets came out from behind the table gave her a hug and some encouragement.  There were hundreds of volunteers that had a big part of making this race what it was, and not one of them was anything but 100% supportive.

We then headed to our house, which was 10 minutes or so out of downtown tucked away back in the woods.  Got some groceries, and settled in.  We went for a 30 minute run with Meg out on some trails near our house.  John worked on getting the race wheels ready and on the bikes.  Thanks Matt for procurring me some Zipp 808 Firecrests!!!

Friday morning we swam a loop in Mirror Lake.  It felt great, and my time was 34:xx which was right where I was hoping it would be.  I just didn't know how the crowds on Sunday would affect my swim time.

In the afternoon, John and I went for an hour bike ride, mainly to make sure the new wheels were working and to get a feel for how the race wheels might handle differently.

We started getting our many bags packed up--> Bike bag, Run bag, Morning bag, Bike Special needs and Run Special needs.  The bags along with the bike needed to be in Transition area tomorrow.

Bike bag: helmet, sunglasses, socks, shoes, vaseline, arm warmers (just in case),

Run bag: hat, fuel belt (wish I had NOT done a fuel belt), new socks (just in case) and a whole new running outfit (just in case)

Saturday morning:
WE SIGNED UP FOR 2013 LAKE PLACID, in the gym around 9:30.  We then took our bikes over to transition, racked the bike and then put the bags on their racks.

We spent most of the rest of the day relaxing at the house.  Connie and Liz arrived in the afternoon after going to the expo.
We had Ohio City fresh pasta for dinner, with sauteed vegetables, garlic bread and salad.  And headed to bed by about 9:15.

Race Day:
4am wakeup alarm.  I slept pretty well.  When I woke up I just did NOT let my  mind go through my race plan.  I tried to pretend that I was NOT going to do my first ironman race the next day.

Had coffee and oatmeal, and got stuff ready to go.  Our support crew is ready for the day:

We were all in the car and I thought I might have forgotten to put a hat in my Run Bag, so I ran back in the house.  This was when I noticed both our wetsuits sitting in our bedroom.  WE ALMOST FORGOT OUR WETSUITS!!!

Got to the site with just a short walk to transition.  Got body marked, put bottles on bike and on fuel belt in Run Bag.  Sunscreens up, and chamois cream on and walked over to the lake with our crew!
John and Meg walked our Special Needs bags down to that area.  I felt relaxed and excited to start the day.

The Swim:  Goal 1:10
After having a GU and a bottle of water, John and I entered the water together and said our goodbyes and good lucks to do a little warm up and try to find some open water to do our start.  My plan was to go just right of the midpoint of the start line.

After warming up for a few minutes, I spotted John standing on a rock near the edge.  We stood there for a while and then decided to move up to the start line.  It was incredible how many people just stayed standing around the edges all the way up to the time the cannon went off.
We went right up to the start line, held on to a paddle board as we waited for about 5 minutes until the cannon.  It was really pretty sparse up there, and all of us were wondering more people weren't out at the line with us.
I felt very calm and ready to race.  I knew I had done all my training, I was ready for each and just going to take each thing one loop at a time.

When the cannon goes off, I take off.  There is contact all along both loops on and off.  But it was always manageable.  I tried to be very aware of feet around my face so I didn't get kicked.  I also took a peek forward every 7-10 strokes to make sure I was swimming in open water away from others whenever possible.
I did find myself on the line here and there.  I also drafted on some feet on and off.  I felt good out there and tried to concentrate on my form.
I came out of the first loop at around 34 minutes.  Smiled and waved to the crowd and headed back in for the second loop.
I felt just a little fatigue coming back the last 500meters or so, but other than that I TOTALLY ENJOYED EVERY BIT OF THE SWIM!
Totally worth all the 4:15am wake up calls to get my swim in before school!!  I swam 3000-4000m three times a week (usually) starting January 1st.

TIME: 1:10.54

The Bike: Goal 6:15-6:30

Out of the water, then had my wetsuit stripped by another GREAT volunteer.  Walked/jogged the 400meter pathway to transition.  I grabbed my bag, and had a seat in the tent.  Another great volunteer dumped my bag and helped me.  Socks, shoes on, sunglasses on, helmet on, stinger stuffed in my pocket...and then even though I had peed a lot in Mirror Lake, I took a quick stop in the porta potty.

Grabbed my bike, with the help of another great volunteer.  I took it easy on the mount and down the hairpin turn and down the first long hill.  And I was off...

Took it easy on the hills out of town and just sipped on water for the first 20-30 minutes.  The view as you climb is amazing!!!

Then you get the descent.  It is 6-9 miles of long downhills.  I was about middle as far as speed.  I was passing quite a few people, but there were also people passing me.

Once I got down the descent, I settled into my aero bars for quite a long flat section.  Kept my heart rate in the zone 115-125 and with the tail wind I was going 21-25mph.  This section is so fun!!!

Nutrition plan was 1 bottle per hour of Accelerade followed by Ironman Perform handed up, and 1 GU per hour.  These were taped on my top bar using electric tape, which worked great.  This was about 350 cal/hr.

The last 12-15 miles into town there is a headwind and speed is frustratingly slow.  Finally got to Papa Bear and felt like the Tour de France as both sides are lined with FANS!!

Finished the first loop at about 3:09.  Stopped in special needs, wiped off my face and my bars (they were sticky from the first three GUs I had) Again, went to the bathroom (I am guessing this took at least 3 minutes.)
And headed out for the second loop.  Going through town on the bike is an awesome experience.

I felt about the same on the second loop as the first.  I was in aero all times except on some climbs and on the big descents.  I again LOVED the entire loop, UNTIL mile 100....
The headwind was much stronger and I felt like Papa Bear was never going to appear.  The other bikers around me felt the same.

Around mile 100 I thought I had a good chance for about 6:15 on the bike.  But these last miles were SLOW.  I was not being passed, so I think everyone was struggling with these miles, uphill and headwind.

My stomache started to be a little off during these miles, and I did NOT TAKE IN ENOUGH NUTRITION DURING THIS HOUR.  (I think this was one of the big contributors to a tough run!!!)

Finally hit town, up Papa Bear and through town and into transition.

Bike: 6:27.55 avg 17.3mph

The Run:  Goal 4:20-4:45

My goal was to run the whole thing.  Possibly walking through a few aid stations on the second loop.

I came out of transition not feeling too bad.  I ran the first three miles at about 10 minute pace.  But was feeling weaker and weaker.  I could tell that my nutrition was NOT where it needed to be.  I began walking through aid stations (set up about every mile) and then WILLING myself to run to the next aid station.  The miles were not fast more in the 11-12 minute range.

At about 12-13 miles I really was feeling light headed and very weak.  I walked quite a bit.  I saw my fan crew and told them, "This SUCKS!!"  Stopped to talk to them for a bit, and told them not to worry if this second lap took a while.

I knew at that point that if I did not get some calories IN I was going to have trouble finishing.  So I focused on eating a whole bag of Chomps from the next aid station and getting in some Perform drink.

This really did seem to help and I could go back to running between aid stations (with a LOT of will power).
Coming up the hill at about 24 miles, hearing the crowd in the oval, and seeing my fan crew was amazing.  When I spotted my neon green crew as I ran/walked up, I got the most emotional of the whole day.  I knew I would finish.  They had their hands up in the air and big smiles on their faces.  And I just tried to take it all in and 'enjoy' the last two miles.

I call this picture, the Pain Finish...

Entering the oval, the crowds all cheering wildly.  It was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

This was the HARDEST thing I have ever done!  Even harder than any of my three child birth experiences.

Plan to make this a better run for next year:

  • Get in more nutrition on the second loop of the bike
  • Lose 10-15 pounds
  • Run more...I trained for Boston marathon through April and but then feel like I didn't put in enough miles during May and June
Run: 5:21.48

I was 22nd in my age group out of the water.  I was 15th in my age group after the bike.  I was 28th in my age group after the run.  (out of a little over 100 that started the race)

Final time: 13:14.16
I am gunning after a sub-13 race in 2013!!!

At first I was pretty disappointed with my race.  After seeing some data published on the web Lake Placid 2012 Results Analysis I felt quite a bit better.  The average finish time for everyone was 13:13, which was 29 minutes slower than 2011.  The average swim time was 1:17, bike time 6:47, and run time 5:09.  There were 11% of the people that started that Did Not Finish, compared to 6% last year.

There were winds on the second half of the bike to deal with and heat was also a factor on the run.

Some pictures of John's race, he had an amazing day going 10:59:

Thanks to all the people that supported this effort.

  • John who patiently rode hundreds of miles with me on the bike and does lots of things around the house to make my life manageable.  
  • All the friends and family who sent texts, phone calls and emails of encouragement.  
  • Eve, Liz and Connie who were there on race day.  Seeing them cheering me on was definitely a necessary part of my race. 

  • And my biggest supporter, my 13 yo daughter Megan.  John and I asked Meg before we even signed up for this race whether she was ok with this commitment.  This meant there were lots of hours that John and I were out training and she was a 'triathlon orphan'.  She was never anything but 100% supportive.  She did not hesitate to give the thumbs up for us to sign up for 2013.
  • Thanks also go out to my older kids, Matt and Lizzie.  They are both tough stuff, both in their college work and their triathlon training.  They are very inspirational.  

I am blessed with an amazing family!!

And thanks to anyone who actually read this whole race report.  I wanted to get all my thoughts down to be able to look back at over the next it is a bit LONG!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I bet you didn't know how hard I work to make it look easy...

I heard that in a Natasha Bedingfield song today as I was washing my kitchen floors listening to my ipod.  That was after I had swam a workout with the high school team I am coaching, and before I did a 9 mile run.

I think that quote is true in many ways for many people.  I believe that I read a quote something like that from Chrissie Wellington.  Behind anyone who 'makes it looks easy' there are usually many sacrifices that have been made, and a lot of work that has been put in.

I have come to the end of my cleanse.  I feel like I was somewhat successful on it.  It was not perfect, but I came out about 7 pounds lighter and am hoping to stick with some of the premises of the cleanse.  I want to keep my caffeine and alcohol consumption way down.  Stick with an almost vegan diet, and try to incorporate healthy smoothies in almost daily.

Sunday: bike trainer workout 3 by 10' with 3 minutes rest between @94-100% LT  Also on Sundays we do abs workout and pushup challenge workout

Monday: 5K TT on the treadmill before school, finished out to 4 miles

Tuesday: 30 minute TT on the bike trainer.  This workout by definition kicks my butt.  Warm up for 10 minutes and then ride as hard as you can for 30 minutes.  My avg hr was the exact same as the last time I did the TT, BUT....I got to 8.33 miles and a month ago I was only at 7.68 miles.

BTW, why am I SO much slower on my trainer than when outside.  I have to work my tail off to keep at 16mph on the trainer, and 16mph is easy spinning when I am outside!!!!

Also abs and pushups on Tuesdays!!

Wednesday: Run 4 pretty easy miles before school (4:45am-5:20)

Thursday: bike trainer 2 by 15' (5' rest) @85-90% of LT  and abs and pushups

Friday: rest day

Saturday:  2100 meters with swim team in the morning and then 9 mile run on treadmill (windy and snowy outside) at about 9:30 pace.

The person I coach swimming with gave me her INSANITY workouts to try.  I may try to fit one in either tomorrow or Monday (no school).

My senior daughter just got her official news in the mail today that she was awarded an appointment to WestPoint Military Academy.  She has already signed her acceptance.  She will be off to the academy on June 27th.

She is very excited for the opportunity.  She knows that it will be very hard and take a lot of work.  She is excited for the opportunity to learn and grow.  I am very happy for her, and will miss her very much!!

I hope everyone is getting in some good workouts!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

What's New....

Life is BUSY...that is not so new.  I am in the middle of the swim team season, and that along with teaching full time and trying to workout daily and keep up with taking care of the household, keeps me very busy.

Some new things going on right now:

I got a gowearfit for Christmas.  Otherwise known as a BodyBugg.  You see the people on Biggest Loser wearing them.  It gives some very interesting data.  Sleep efficiency, number of steps, total number of calories burned, time at moderate activity and time at vigorous activity.  The website has a very good program for entering your nutrition data.  It works easily.

I find that it keeps me very attentive to my number of steps and my activity.  It is amazingly accurate when calculating sleep efficiency.  It shows you when you were lying down and what part of that time  you were sleeping.

It uses quite a lot of data points and seems very accurate.

I also got and Ipad for Christmas.  I am trying to find as many uses for it as I can.  Right now my girls play Angry Birds on it more than anything.  I have used the calender to organize all my workouts, and used it last night to type out a list of things to do today.

21 day cleanse:
I started on December 27th and so today is day 14.  I am trying to follow the plan in CLEAN by Junger.  It calls for a liquid meal for breakfast and dinner and a solid meal at lunch time.  With snacks in between, but only if really necessary.  There is NO alcohol, caffeine, gluten, animal products or added sugar.

I will say that I have not had a perfect day yet.  BUT...I am doing pretty well with it.  The biggest thing it does is keep me VERY conscious of what I am eating.  And very attentive to whether I am really hungry or just bored or doing habitual eating.

I have found that there are times when I think I am really hungry, but with a glass of water or even just TIME the hunger will disappear.

A typical day has gone like this:

Wake up and have some herbal tea
Drink a smoothie

AM snack of cashews/almonds/ dried apricots

Lunch of salad and brown wild rice

PM snack of apple and maybe a Larabar

I then get home from school and this is the time I find that I struggle.  I eat a piece of toast, or a cookie or something else that is definitely not on the plan.

Dinner is a liquid soup that I blend up in the Vitamix.  And from 7pm to 7am I try to stay totally away from anything except for water.

The scale was very nice to me the first week.  The second week has been not so nice.  Frustrating!

Workouts are staying about the same.
I am on the bike trainer three times a week, working through Jorge's plan.  These are interval workouts and last just under an hour.
I am running three times a week and will soon be upping the miles for Boston marathon training.  Right now my long run is at 8 miles and my shorter runs are 4-5 miles.
I am in the pool once a week, and also doing pushups and abs three times a week.

This is about all I can squeeze in with the other time commitments I have.  Coaching is over mid-February and that is when running will be ramped up even more.

Goals for 2011:
My A races will be:

Boston marathon in April-Last year I ran it to enjoy it.  I didn't worry about my time.  In training for it, I put in the miles but did very little speed work because I was not worried about my time.  I ran a 4:19.  After having qualified with a 3:51, that was a SLOW race.

This year I am hoping to go under 4 hours.  I turn 45 in a few weeks and so I need a 4 hour marathon to qualify for next year.  I need to focus on two things for this.  Getting down to a good race weight.  I would like to be AT LEAST ten pounds down from what I was last year.  And the second key, will be to put in a good amount of speed work.  Tempo run and Yasso workouts are what have given me speed (I use the word speed in a relative way here.) in the past.

Syracuse 70.3 in September-
I did Timberman 70.3 in 2009 with a time of 5:39.  I was in the top 15% of my Age group (40-44).  I was happy with my swim, and VERY happy with my bike (averaging above 19mph for the 56 miles).  I was NOT happy with my run, going over 2 hours for the half marathon run.

I did Steelhead 70.3 in 2010 with a time of 5:55.  BUT...20 minutes was spent on flat tire issues.  It was more than just your normal flat.  With my adjusted time of 5:35.  I was again happy with my swim, VERY happy with my bike (other than the flat).  My Garmin had my bike average above 20 mph for the 56 miles.  And again not happy with my run going over 2 hours again.

I want my run for Syracuse to be sub-2 hours.  I would like my race to be sub-5:30, but of course times depend on conditions of the day.  I would like to place in the top 10% of my age group (45-49).

This will take a lot of work!!!!
Hard workouts, good nutrition, mental preparation, and some good luck on race day!

Off to the basement for my bike workout for the day!!!

Thankful that the daylight hours are getting longer!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last week's training, 21 day cleanse, and family things...

I feel like my fitness is about where it should be at this time of the year.  Here is my week of training last week:

Run 5 miles along with some pullups, kettlebell swings, squats and upper body lifting.  I have not done a ton of strength training lately and the squats left me very sore for the next few days.

Bike workout, which included 15 minute warmup and then 6 by 4 minutes (with 45 seconds rest) at 100-105% LThr   This is a tough workout.  Sweat is flying and I have to talk to myself to get through the last two sets while still pushing hard.

Also on Tuesday, we do our 100 pushup challenge sets of pushups.  I do this with my husband, 17 yo daughter and 11 yo daughter.  We are on week 6 day 1 and the workout was 45/55/35/30/Max all with 60 seconds rest between sets.

3 mile run (sore legs from bike workout)

Pushups 22/22/30/30/24/24/18/18/MAX  on 45 seconds rest.
We have come a long was since October 24th when we started this pushup challenge.  On the first day we did 10/12/7/7/MAX.  That seems like SO LITTLE at this point!!  I am so proud of my two daughters for working so hard on this CHALLENGE!!!

Bike workout, 10 minute warmup and then 40 minutes (start at 77% of LThr and every 5 minutes increase effort 5%, start again when you reach 100%)

Swam with the high school kids I coach.  I did their first 2600 meters with them and got in a pretty good swim workout.

Then in the afternoon I ran outside (sunny but about 22 degrees) 9 miles with about a 9:25 pace.  I was happy with that after having swam for over an hour this morning.

Bike workout, 15 minute warmup then 3 by 8 minutes at 92% LThr with 2 minutes ez between sets.
Also, that evening we did the last day of our pushup challenge
26/ 26/ 33/ 33/ 26/ 26/ 22/ 22/ Max = 60  for a total of 274 pushups with 45 seconds rest between sets.

We have decided to attempt our 100 straight pushups this Wednesday evening!!!  We may not all get to 100 but we will all get pretty close.  When we started my max was probably about 20 good full pushups.

Approximate totals:
Run 17 miles / 2:45 HRS
Bike 2:45 HRS
Swim 2600 meters/1:20 HRS
Strength work 1 hour
Total time : about 8 hours

*On another note, after a lot of thought and reading I have decided to do another 21 day cleanse starting December 26th.  Last year on Feb. 1st I did the Quantum Wellness 21 day cleanse and have been a vegetarian/almost vegan ever since.  It helped me see food in a different way!

It is time to go through this process again.  This time I am using the book CLEAN by Junger.  It calls for a smoothie or juice for breakfast and dinner and a solid meal for lunch.  NO alcohol, caffeine, dairy, sugar, gluten.  I am actually looking forward to it and will try to blog daily about how it is going.  When I did my last cleanse, it really helped to know that I was going to 'report' on it daily to 'the world'.  It helped keep me focused on the task.

I went back and forth on whether to start on Jan. 3rd or on December 26.  I think it will be good to not have to teach and coach and have all the craziness that is my life for the first week.  So although there will be quite a few social functions during the first week, I will plan ahead and make it through.
It does allow you to occasionally have your solid meal at dinner if you have a social function to go to.  I will miss my wine on New Year's Eve.   I am hoping for a little weight loss (my goal is a total of 15 in then next few months), better sleep, and just in general more energy and the feeling of control over my nutrition.

There will be much more to come on this!!

Family things:

Enjoy this last week before Christmas!!  I am so looking forward to Christmas morning.  It is always a huge bonding time for my family!!
Last year we all prepared for the morning by writing down 100 things we were grateful for and then shared them as we opened presents.
This year we are preparing for the morning by writing 10 things we love about each person in the family and we will share them as we open presents.

As my two oldest get to the point where they are going to be away more and more, I am trying to cherish every moment that we can all be together!!

Speaking of that, Lizzie has officially been told that she has her congressional nomination and her appointment to West Point.  She also has 'officially' told me that she is going to accept the appointment.  So my girl is going to West Point!!  I am excited for all the opportunities that will be given to her, but also worried as a mother of course.  I do think that it is a good place for her.  She is smart, athletic and loves a challenge.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Volunteering at Lake Placid 2011

Yesterday was the day.  Early morning John and I signed up to volunteer at LP 2011 Ironman.  The plan is to stand in line the next morning and register for LP 2012.  The date will be July 22, 2012.
I am excited, and on July 25th 2011 when I hand over a huge amount of money for the priviledge of putting it all on the line in 2012, I will be properly scared.

This will be our first attempt at full ironman distance.  We are looking into hiring a coach as we look ahead to 140.6 miles.  It is so hard to know who you will work best with.  There are very few coaches in NEOhio!!  So we will probably be working with someone totally through email/phone.

But I am getting ahead of myself...having not blogged for one full month let's get caught up on what is going on...

*John and I are religiously following Jorge's 14 week cycling plan.  We used it last year and found some good gains on the bike over the off season.  We both love having a very structured plan to follow.

*I am trying to build up a good running base so that I can dive into 'official' Boston marathon training after the first of the year.

*Trying to get in good workouts while teaching and coaching swimming takes planning and discipline.

*The family is in week 6 (after repeating week 4 and 5) of the 100 pushup challenge.    We will be attempting the 100 pushups just before Christmas.

*We have decided to race Syracuse 70.3 on September 18, 2011 and are also going to try to fit in more Olympic distance races this summer.

**I have had two snow days.  Living in NEOhio brings on Lake Erie lake effect snow!!

**I seem to be having so many conversations with my son and husband about what 'gadgets' are wanted/needed for triathlon at the stage I am in.  Should I get a aerohelmet?   Would I ever get a tri bike?  Do I need a power meter?  Should I look into a computrainer?  I am in general happy to stay away from the majority of the gadgets and just train hard and race hard.  But should I be looking for some more efficient ways to train, and some 'free' speed?  I think this is in need of a post all itself.

As I posted on my fb status on Saturday after a good run...Time to start paying the price for a good race, good races don't come cheap!!!

Heading down to the 'pain cave'/basement to do 6 by 4 minute intervals at 100-105% LT with 45 seconds rest on the bike trainer.  with 15 minute warmup and 10 minute cool down.

Stay warm!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

coach swimming, teach, workout, make dinner, repeat....


I can't seem to find time to get this blog updated more than once a month or so.  Right now life is very full, this is how I like it most days.  My mornings start with the alarm going off at 4:30am.  I shower, put on sweats and sweatshirt, make a smoothie, pour my coffee and gather my lunch and such and out the door by 5:05am.  I then coach the high school swim team until 6:40.  I change into 'teaching' clothes in the locker room, drink my smoothie on the way to school where I arrive by 7:20.  I then teach a full day of algebra 1, geometry, and honors algebra 2.  I try to fit in a workout after school every day, try to make dinner, then clean up, get things packed up for the next day and it is about time for sleep.


My workout plan these days includes three days of bike workouts on the trainer.  They are posted by Jorge at PBM Coaching.  My husband and I both did the 12 week plan last winter, and felt like it gave us some good structure to our winter workouts.  They are all hr based.  I would love to get a power meter, but have not invested in one yet.  I love the structure of these workouts.  Just put your head down and work hard.  They vary from 30 seconds on/30 seconds recovery to 15 minutes on/ 2 minutes recovery.  They are typically about 50 minutes - one hour long including warmup and cool down.

100 Pushup Challenge
The whole family is also doing the 100 pushup challenge.  Husband, and 17 year old and 11 year old daughters do the workouts together three times a week.  We started week 4 today.  It is supposed to be 6 weeks long, but we may do week 5 twice.  The goal is to do 100 by Christmas.

I have Boston in my long term thoughts right now, so I am trying to run three times a week.  At this time between 15 and 20 miles per week.  About the middle of January I will start 'official' training for Boston and drop one of the bike workouts and bump the running up to four times per week.

I am at the pool 5-6 times a week.  But only get in for a workout 1-2 times per week.  I have 15 new swimmers that I work with on most days.  They need a lot of instruction, some days the head coach works with the new kids and I get in and workout with the 'veterans'.

I love working with the new swimmers every year.  They start the year not knowing what a '25' is, not knowing the swim circles in their lane, not knowing how to breathe properly, do breastroke, or fly.  And before you know it they are doing great things!!!

Matt's bike crash:
My 19 year old son, Matt, who is attending Ohio State, was hit by a car on his bike two weeks ago.  A young woman turning left, did not see him and ran right into him.  This is NOT a call that you want to get as a mother.  I literally felt like I was going to throw up until I knew exactly what was going on.

They told us he had 'facial trauma' but was speaking and at first they didn't think we needed to come down to Columbus.  We were at Lizzie's cross country meet about three hours away.  As soon as the girls ran, John headed to Cbus, and spent the night with him at the hospital.  He had a broken nose, chipped tooth, road rash on his face, and his top lip was as swollen as I have ever seen on anyone.  John sent me a picture when he got there and I was shocked.
I would have also gone, but Lizzie was scheduled for  an overnight at Westpoint the next night and so we were scheduled to leave at noon.

I saw Matt one week later when we went to Columbus for the State Cross Country meet.  He had healed amazingly fast.  There was just a little bruising on his nose still.  At that point he also still felt just sore all over and had not worked out much all week.

This weekend I was back in Columbus because Lizzie had an interview with Senator Voinovich, trying to get her nomination to Westpoint.  We saw Matt for lunch and he looked totally healed.  He was back on the bike (his tri bike and not his road bike as it was totalled in the crash) mid-week.  Thank goodness, it could have been so much worse!

Now we are just dealing with the insurance...the bike is totalled, sunglasses broken, winter biking clothes cut off him, phone damaged beyond repair.  Things are moving slowly!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Columbus Half Marathon and Registering for Boston Marathon

Columbus Marathon Sunday, October 17th

Last Saturday afternoon my husband and I headed down to Columbus, picked up my 19 year old son Matt who attends The Ohio State University.  We went to the race expo, which was pretty lame.  Although after going to the Boston marathon race expo twice, I think any other race expo is going to be pretty weak.

We had our fill of some pasta, and settled into our hotel to watch the Buckeyes get killed by Wisconsin.

We all had pretty big goals for the next day.  My husband was trying to go for a sub-3 hour marathon for the second year in a row.  This year he had his sights on going 2:57.

My son and I were doing the half.  Matt had set his goal at 1:20.  With a pretty busy quarter and a sore ankle for the last two weeks, he wasn't sure how the day would go.  I have a half marathon pr of 1:53.?? that was set quite a few years ago.  I was hoping to go sub 1:50.  I had spent the last 8 weeks or so doing cross fit strength workouts, and cf endurance running workouts that call for lots of speed and not a ton of miles.  So I was totally unsure of what the day would bring.  I knew I was more comfortable running faster.  But I felt like the last three miles were going to be a question mark.

At the start I lined up with the 3:40 marathon pace group (a 1:50 half time) and vowed to stay with them until I felt like they were going to make me 'blow up' out there.  This worked for about 7 miles.  Our pace setter was well ahead of the 8:25 per mile pace necessary.  We were throwing out quite a few 8:10 or so miles.  Around 7-8 I felt like I needed to back off a little.  If I stayed at about 8:30 for the rest of the race, I knew I would meet my goal.

The day was beautiful.  Sunny, about 50 degrees.  This is a big race.  10,000 in the half marathon and 5,000 in the full marathon.  They all start together and then the half runners, just turn off at about 13 miles for the final stretch.  LOTS of crowd support, flat.  All in all, a great race.  I have run the marathon there the last two years.  I was always jealous of the people that got to turn off at 13, so this year it was nice to know I was the one.

With 5K left, I knew I was going to be very close to my 1:50 goal.  I felt pretty spent by then, but tried to push the pace as much as I could.  Crossing the line with a 1:50:30.   This is about a three minute pr for me, and so I am very happy with that.  Officially it is 8:27 miles.  But on my Garmin it is over 13.1 miles, of course, and so it had me at 8:25 miles.

My smokin' fast boys had an amazing day!!!

John ran a 2:57.32 marathon.  Finishing 98th out of the 5,000 runners and 9th in his AG.
Matt ran a 1:20:01 half finishing 58th out of the 10,000 runners and 2nd in his AG.

I am always amazed at how fast they can run.  All three of us are pretty well recovered.  I actually felt great,even the rest of the day.  Matt was more nauseous than he has ever been, but he has not run that distance much at all.  He is an Oly distance triathlete.  John had some trouble with stairs for  a few days, but is on the mend.

I have taken this week as a total rest week.  I am looking forward to getting out for a 5-6 mile run tomorrow morning, and then back into it next week.

My plans until January are 3 GOOD sessions on the bike trainer (interval training) with a specific workout planned for each day.  and 3 GOOD sessions of running per week (one distance, one speed)

I start coaching high school swimming in two weeks.  I will get in the pool sporadically during the season and it will be really hard trying to fit everything in...but I will!!

Boston Registration:

John and I have been planning on registering for months.  We have our hotel.  We had the 18th on the calender to remind us to register.  Starting at 9am, John spent hours at work on and off trying to register us.  The computer kept throwing him out.  About noon he finally got in.  He registered ME.  Thinking he would get in again soon.  He was never able to get in again.  He got CLOSED OUT!!  What the heck!

I am in, John is not!  and I am not happy about this.

When he told me that evening I was heartbroken.  The whole fun is that we are in it together.  I will be at Athlete's Village that morning without him :(

He seems to be fine with it.  He will find another marathon to train for, and be my support crew for Boston.  But I am still BUMMED!!