Chasing a Dream

Chasing a Dream
John and I with our LP finishers medals

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last week's training, 21 day cleanse, and family things...

I feel like my fitness is about where it should be at this time of the year.  Here is my week of training last week:

Run 5 miles along with some pullups, kettlebell swings, squats and upper body lifting.  I have not done a ton of strength training lately and the squats left me very sore for the next few days.

Bike workout, which included 15 minute warmup and then 6 by 4 minutes (with 45 seconds rest) at 100-105% LThr   This is a tough workout.  Sweat is flying and I have to talk to myself to get through the last two sets while still pushing hard.

Also on Tuesday, we do our 100 pushup challenge sets of pushups.  I do this with my husband, 17 yo daughter and 11 yo daughter.  We are on week 6 day 1 and the workout was 45/55/35/30/Max all with 60 seconds rest between sets.

3 mile run (sore legs from bike workout)

Pushups 22/22/30/30/24/24/18/18/MAX  on 45 seconds rest.
We have come a long was since October 24th when we started this pushup challenge.  On the first day we did 10/12/7/7/MAX.  That seems like SO LITTLE at this point!!  I am so proud of my two daughters for working so hard on this CHALLENGE!!!

Bike workout, 10 minute warmup and then 40 minutes (start at 77% of LThr and every 5 minutes increase effort 5%, start again when you reach 100%)

Swam with the high school kids I coach.  I did their first 2600 meters with them and got in a pretty good swim workout.

Then in the afternoon I ran outside (sunny but about 22 degrees) 9 miles with about a 9:25 pace.  I was happy with that after having swam for over an hour this morning.

Bike workout, 15 minute warmup then 3 by 8 minutes at 92% LThr with 2 minutes ez between sets.
Also, that evening we did the last day of our pushup challenge
26/ 26/ 33/ 33/ 26/ 26/ 22/ 22/ Max = 60  for a total of 274 pushups with 45 seconds rest between sets.

We have decided to attempt our 100 straight pushups this Wednesday evening!!!  We may not all get to 100 but we will all get pretty close.  When we started my max was probably about 20 good full pushups.

Approximate totals:
Run 17 miles / 2:45 HRS
Bike 2:45 HRS
Swim 2600 meters/1:20 HRS
Strength work 1 hour
Total time : about 8 hours

*On another note, after a lot of thought and reading I have decided to do another 21 day cleanse starting December 26th.  Last year on Feb. 1st I did the Quantum Wellness 21 day cleanse and have been a vegetarian/almost vegan ever since.  It helped me see food in a different way!

It is time to go through this process again.  This time I am using the book CLEAN by Junger.  It calls for a smoothie or juice for breakfast and dinner and a solid meal for lunch.  NO alcohol, caffeine, dairy, sugar, gluten.  I am actually looking forward to it and will try to blog daily about how it is going.  When I did my last cleanse, it really helped to know that I was going to 'report' on it daily to 'the world'.  It helped keep me focused on the task.

I went back and forth on whether to start on Jan. 3rd or on December 26.  I think it will be good to not have to teach and coach and have all the craziness that is my life for the first week.  So although there will be quite a few social functions during the first week, I will plan ahead and make it through.
It does allow you to occasionally have your solid meal at dinner if you have a social function to go to.  I will miss my wine on New Year's Eve.   I am hoping for a little weight loss (my goal is a total of 15 in then next few months), better sleep, and just in general more energy and the feeling of control over my nutrition.

There will be much more to come on this!!

Family things:

Enjoy this last week before Christmas!!  I am so looking forward to Christmas morning.  It is always a huge bonding time for my family!!
Last year we all prepared for the morning by writing down 100 things we were grateful for and then shared them as we opened presents.
This year we are preparing for the morning by writing 10 things we love about each person in the family and we will share them as we open presents.

As my two oldest get to the point where they are going to be away more and more, I am trying to cherish every moment that we can all be together!!

Speaking of that, Lizzie has officially been told that she has her congressional nomination and her appointment to West Point.  She also has 'officially' told me that she is going to accept the appointment.  So my girl is going to West Point!!  I am excited for all the opportunities that will be given to her, but also worried as a mother of course.  I do think that it is a good place for her.  She is smart, athletic and loves a challenge.

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