Chasing a Dream

Chasing a Dream
John and I with our LP finishers medals

Monday, August 16, 2010

What is next...the next 90 days???

I have been training with focus since February.  First, for my first Boston marathon in April and then right into my HIM training for Steelhead.  So what comes next?

I took a week of recovery after Steelhead and then spent last week in Acadia National Park where I didn't do too many 'workouts'  but hiked and biked all over the park so was worn out every night.  But we had an awesome time there climbing LOTS of mountains.

hiking in Acadia fun,fun fun!!!

I did an Olympic Tri yesterday (along with Matt and Liz (sprint tri)  and I will give a race report about it as soon as the results are up.  I will just say I was moderately happy with my race. 

So now my focus for the next 90 days is NUTRITION, STRENGTH, RUNNING.

I had been planning on getting back into the strength training.  After doing p90x starting in Spring 2007 and assorted other beachbody programs, I really gained a lot of strength.  But over the last few year or so my strength workouts have been sporadic.  I have done fairly well this summer, but am looking forward to FOCUS on strength.

I have decided to give crossfitendurance a try.  It incorporates strength and either swim/bike/run or a combination of the three.  You do 4-6 strength workouts, they call these the anaerobic endurance workout of the day per week.  You second workout of the day you choose either s, b or run and so interval type workouts, time trials, tempos, etc...

I am going to focus on the run for these workouts.  I feel like I have a lot of room to improve on my run.  I haven't felt strong on my run for a while.  I am planning on running Boston marathon again next April, and I want to break 4 hours to get my Boston Qualifier for the next year.

I will still ride with our Wednesday night bike group and probably another long ride on Sundays.

I did my first strength workout this morning.  3 rounds of 15 kettlebell swings/15 rows/15 power snatches/15 toes to bar.  I couldn't get my toes to the bar but did the best I could.  You were to do this for time and I did it in 15:30 and was shaking by the end.

I had to look on youtube to find out what power snatches were, and I could only use the 45 pound bar to do them.

On the nutrition front, I am doing round two of my 21 day cleanse.  I have had a summer full of vacations and have not been too bad on the eating, but it is not nearly as clean as I would like it to be.  I did this back on February 1st and after the first round of this cleanse, decided to be as Vegan in my eating as possible.

So for this cleanse there is NO alcohol, caffeine, gluten, added sugar, or animal products.  Day one is today.  During the first round I blogged daily.  That was motivation for me to be successful, so I will try to do that again.  For me this cleanse is like hitting the reset button on my nutrition plan.

So in conclusion, I am hoping to become LEANER, STRONGER, and FASTER!!!

I do have two races coming up both of them runs.  Our local 9 miler in early September and I am going to do the Columbus HALF marathon on October 19th.  John will do the FULL and Matt is also planning on doing the HALF.

Anyone out there want to join me on all or some of this 21 day cleanse?

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Caratunk Girl said...

So glad to hear you had so much fun in Acadia!

I would love to cleanse at the same time as you - but only after Timberman...but not directly after because I plan on eating everything in sight post-race. But after that for sure. I will need it!! :)

Seriously, after the race, I would join you.