Chasing a Dream

Chasing a Dream
John and I with our LP finishers medals

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mom Pride...a recap of Lizzie's Sprint and Matt's Olympic Tri

I don't get to see my kids race their triathlons very often because usually I am racing it with them.  So it was such fun to get to spectate at the Miltonman Triathlon where my 16 year old daughter, Lizzie,  was doing the Sprint distance and my 19 year old son, Matt, was doing the Olympic distance.

While the kids were getting body marked and setting up transition areas, John and I did a quick 20 minute open water swim in Lake Milton. 

Lizzie woke up looking ready to race, she was relaxed and confident.  This is not always the case with her.  Sometimes she wakes up super grouchy and looking like she wants to do anything BUT race on race day.  Matt was his usual quiet self.  Getting the race face on, and concentrating on his race.

This is a small triathlon of about 150 people altogether in the Sprint and Oly divisions.  Men's Oly had 60 guys and Female Sprint had 30+ women.

Matt's Race

Matt's wave went off first and he had to do two loops of the 750meter course.  He had a good swim for him, the swim is definitely his weakest link and he came out of the water 9th place with a 25 minute swim.

coming around the halfway buoy
He had a little trouble mounting the bike, but still passed two guys during T1 transition. 
Because the Sprint and Oly guys ended up all mixed together at this point it was hard to tell what place he was after the bike.  We are pretty sure he was 6th place overall after the bike.  He had an 'OK' bike averaging around 22mph. 

A speedy T2 and he was out to finish with a 10K.

He was really hoping to have a good run, as he feels like he hasn't had a good run in a triathlon for quite a while. 
On his watch he ended up with around a 38 minute run, which he was happy with.  On the final results they had him at a 36:36 run time, even better!
He finished with a 2:12.52 and 5th place overall.  He won the 19-24 age group. 
He lost some of his big toenail on the failed bike mount and there was a LOT of blood on his bike shoes and his new racing flats.  OUCH!!

Lizzie's Race

Lizzie was planning on getting out fast in the swim and trying to find some feet to drag behind.  Well...she went out fast and there was noone there with her.  She led the way through the swim.  Finished the 750meters in 13:04 and came out of the water with a smile on her face.

those are guys from the oly swim in the background

She had a good transition and was out on her new road bike.  This is the first race she has had clip in shoes.

She had a pretty good bike and finished first off the bike, with a 19.1 average.  After a really fast T2, she was off to run her 5K.  She is a cross country runner, but really struggles to get in a good 5K in her triathlons.  She usually dies on the run.

But...she had a great run with a 23:52 and WON the FEMALE SPRINT race!!  She was so excited.  And this is such a good confidence builder for her going into her senior year of cross country season.

She finished with a 1:26.48. 

Here they are with their hardware, after we patched up Matt's toe.  Thanks to my mom and sister for coming to add to the support crew...

They are doing one more summer triathlon on August 15th and Lizzie is trying to decide whether to do the sprint or oly distance.  She would like to try the oly because she wants to compete at the college level next year and wants to see what she can do....but she is a little intimidated by the distance.

It was great fun seeing them race, and seeing them do so well.

On a side note:
We are 3 days out from Steelhead.  I will give a final post tomorrow on my last minute thoughts.


Michelle said...

SO cool Barb!!!!!!!! Wow - your kids are amazing. So glad they are loving the sport, and doing SO well to boot!

Jon said...

So cool that your kids are rocking triathlon races at such an early age! I see Kona vacations in the future....;)

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

That is so cool! Hooray for both of them...they did awesome!

Caratunk Girl said...

That is awesome that your kids are doing races!! They are doing awesome - I like what Jon said about Kona vacations!